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Routine Maintenance, Repairs, and More

Most residential tanks need to be pumped every 2 years, but commercial septic systems may require a different schedule depending upon various factors.

We can help you determine your needs and make it easy to schedule appointments.

If you have any questions about maintenance, repairs,  or what to look for when buying a new home - contact us!

Residential Septic Pumping

Having a properly maintained septic tank at your home or business is essential to the health of the leach field and the property itself.

Most residential tanks should be pumped every 2 years.


If your home has an effluent filter, we are equipped to clean this properly in order to prevent backups into the home. We clean your tank right: by back-flushing until all solids are out of the tank. Schedule your appointment today.

Commercial Septic Pumping

Many factors determine the proper time interval for pumping out your commercial business, like the volume of use or number of employees.


We will evaluate all of these factors and recommend a schedule that works for the business and its specific system.

By keeping tanks maintained, you will eliminate costly backups into your business, maintaining a clean and fully functioning working environment. Schedule online here.

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Commercial Grease Pumping

We will pump your small interior grease trap or your exterior grease tank. We are equipped and experience in disposing of grease properly. This service costs 0.32/gallon plus the cost of the distance traveled to an appropriate disposal site.

Most grease tanks should be pumped every 3-4 months depending on the volume of customers and use.

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Septic Evaluations

Moving into a new home?


Let us inspect your septic tank, baffles and leach field to ensure everything is working properly before the purchase of your home.

We provide a report of the current condition of your system, and walk you through how a septic system works and how to maintain a good functioning system.

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Septic Tank Risers

All septic tank covers should be within 12” of the grade, per the state of New Hampshire guidelines. When necessary, we install a riser to bring it up to the required height.

Septic tank risers provide ease of access to the septic tank for proper maintenance of system in all seasons of the year. All septic tanks with a effluent filter and a septic pump chamber are required to have risers to grade.

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Septic Repairs

We repair inlet and outlet pipes to and from the tank, as well as distribution boxes when necessary. 

We're experienced with quick levelers installation in D-box for proper flow to all laterals of the leach field, installing outlet baffles to ensure solids stay in the septic tank and don’t travel into the laterals of the leach field - causing premature failure of the leaching area.


Reach out to us with any questions about septic maintenance or repair.

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